Lower Body Mobility Pack

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Title: Black Pocket Physio Max + Large (Green) Stretchband + Footeez


Essential for any serious runner or cyclist!

This pack contains products designed to improve hip joint range of motion. They are also important for reducing lower back stiffness and fascial tightness in the thigh, calves and feet that may be impacting your running gait and causing knee discomfort.

Maintaining hip and lower back mobility is the key to improving athletic performance in lower body dominant sports.

Pack Inclusions:

Footeez - a concave roller for reducing fascial tension in the outer thigh and ITB. Push through the pain…it’s worth it!

Black Pocket Physio Max - a muscle trigger designed to replicate the size and pressure of a therapists elbow. Use for self-releasing muscle tightness in hips (TFL) and Glute Med .

Stretchband S/M/L (Size variation) - Advanced stretching exercises with this band helps reduce neural tension and stretch your hamstrings.. Choose the size to match your height and level of flexibility 

Drawstring bag


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