Upper Body Mobility Pack

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Title: Orange Posture Pro + Small (Red) Stretchband + Pocket Physio Rocket + Orange High Density Lacrosse Massage Ball + Red - 13mm Power Band Resitance Band


Essential pack for active people… or those who sit at a desk all day!

This pack contains products designed to help reduce neck and shoulder tightness by aiming at improving upper body posture. 

To sit up straight with your shoulders back, you need to strengthen the muscles in your upper back, reduce tightness in the front of your shoulders (Pecs) and increase joint mobility in your thoracic spine.

Thoracic control is also a key component of improved athletic performance in sports such as Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Rugby & Rowing.

Pack Inclusions:

Posture Pro - a grooved roller designed to reduce tension in the muscles of the upper back and improve thoracic joint mobility 

Pocket Physio Rocket - an ‘extended reach’ muscle trigger designed specifically for hard to reach shoulder muscles such as Subscapularis

Pocket Physio Ball - a 64 mm muscle trigger ball for releasing tension in the neck and upper back. Everyone needs one of these!

Stretchband S/M/L (Size variation) - High tension elastic loop for assisted stretching of back muscles such as the Lats 

Red Powerband - a light resistance power band for improving strength in the Rotator cuff

Drawstring bag 


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