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Our products are designed to help keep you moving.
Muscles tighten from use. A tight muscle not only is going to cause pain, soreness and reduced range of motion, but it can also cause a lack of motivation to keep training, headaches, referred pain and a raft of other negative effects. These effects will also compound over time.
Training muscles is generally only half of the battle. In order to ensure that you are achieving the most out of any training program it is important to ensure that you actively recover following.
In our view an effective recovery program should include elements of rolling, triggering, and stretching. Our range of products have been expertly designed to help you maximize the benefits that you can obtain from recovery. 


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Footeez Sale price$35.95
Pocket Physio MiniPocket Physio Mini
Pocket Physio Mini Sale price$15.00
2 in 1 Foam Roller2 in 1 Foam Roller
2 in 1 Foam Roller Sale price$27.95
Stretchband Sale price$29.95
Ice Mate Mini
Ice Mate Mini Sale price$19.95
Ice MateIce Mate
Ice Mate Sale price$35.95
Pocket Physio RocketPocket Physio Rocket
Pocket Physio Rocket Sale price$35.95
High Density Lacrosse Massage BallHigh Density Lacrosse Massage Ball
Power Band Resistance BandPower Band Resistance Band
Power Band Resistance Band Sale priceFrom $15.00
Pocket Physio MaxPocket Physio Max
Pocket Physio Max Sale price$25.00
Posture ProPosture Pro
Posture Pro Sale price$35.95
Posture Pro DomePosture Pro Dome
Posture Pro Dome Sale price$45.00
Ice Mate ProIce Mate Pro
Ice Mate Pro Sale price$45.95
Thoracic Back WedgeThoracic Back Wedge
Thoracic Back Wedge Sale price$39.95